Are You and Your Toothpaste Compatible?

“Which One is Right for Me?” So Many Options Make Choosing a Brand Tricky Visit any drug store today, and you will discover an overwhelmingly wide range of toothpastes available. It is no surprise that you find yourself asking, “Which one do I choose?” Perhaps you could decide based on the brand or price, or [...]

Are Hidden Sources of Alcohol Affecting Your Teeth?

From Medications We Take to Food We Eat, Alcohol is Everywhere When consumed in moderation, there are health benefits associated with alcohol. The Mayo Clinic reports that moderate alcohol consumption can reduce the odds of developing heart disease including heart attack, may potentially minimize the risks of stroke, lower the chances of getting gallstones and [...]

7 Surprising Foods That Are Staining Your Teeth

And How to Keep Eating Them While Reducing Their Impact on Your Pearly Whites Wine, coffee and tea – it's the trifecta of tooth-staining foods that almost everyone knows to avoid in order to protect their pearly whites. These beverages, however, are just the beginning of a long list of foods that can sabotage your [...]

Demystifying Mouthwash: Good for Oral Health or Harmful?

Four Proven Benefits and Five Myths of Oral Rinse Who doesn’t love that minty kick that comes from a swig of mouthwash? Your oral rinse could be doing more than just giving your breath a makeover, according to many mouthwash makers — it could be chockfull of health benefits, too. Just check out the label [...]

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