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At Dental South, we’ve been providing state-of-the-art dental care to patients at our location on Marie Avenue in South St. Paul since 1990. We pride our clinic on being “the” dental office in South St. Paul because we offer the most comprehensive array of treatment options in the community, as well as the widest range of clinic hours. We provide gentle, family-oriented dental care to the adults and children of this community in our 4,000-square-foot clinic.

Our patients tell us that they like the friendly atmosphere, the great staff, the on-time appointments, and the thoroughness of the exams and treatment we provide.

In addition to general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, we work with specialists in Periodontics (gum diseases), Implant dentistry, and Endodontics (root canal treatments), as well as other specialists. Our team emphasizes comprehensive quality care and preventive dentistry.

Dental South has a modern sterilization system that surpasses OSHA requirements. The source of water for our dental units is distilled water (bottled water), which removes any chance of contamination from regular tap water like that used in most dental offices.

We treasure our relationship with the South St. Paul community, and believe in “giving back” whenever possible. According to Dr. Michael Prueher, who established Dental South in 1990, “The community has supported our clinic for decades, and we truly treasure the relationships we have developed with our community’s residents. South St. Paul may be in the middle of the Twin Cities, but there is a very strong community identity in this town.”

Dental South has supported youth hockey programs in South St. Paul, Cub Scout packs in the community, and donates regularly to the local food shelf. Our staff members also periodically provide oral health presentations at South St. Paul elementary school classes.

The building that houses Dental South has been a dentist’s office since being built in 1957. Two brothers who were both dentists – Harry and Stan Schoeder – moved their clinic from down the street after putting up the new building. The clinic was then sold in 1980 to Peter Haarla,DDS, who practiced at the location until Dr. Prueher bought the practice in 1990.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful dental office in South St. Paul.


We accept most insurance plans. We also accept payment from most PPO and indemnity plans. Please call our office to make an appointment and we will answer any questions you may have.

Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards, ATM cards, cash, and personal checks. For our patients’ convenience we have arranged a payment plan through a third party, which helps our patients receive their treatment in a timely manner.

Dental Health Care Discount Plan – Affordable Care for the Whole Family

For many people who don’t have dental insurance, getting regular dental care can be difficult. And emergency care can be downright scary to their pocketbook. That’s why we have developed the Dental Health Care Discount Plan at Dental South. It is designed to provide patients with affordability and greater access to quality dental care.

This discount plan fits into our mission of bringing the highest quality dental care to as many people as possible. Our entire care team is dedicated to providing you with results that will make you proud within a relaxing atmosphere you can enjoy.

To learn more,

With Your Dental Health Care Discount Plan There Are:

  • No yearly maximums
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms
  • No pre-authorization requirements
  • No pre-existing condition limitations
  • Immediate eligibility (no waiting periods)
  • Free consultations

Benefit Premium

  • Single = $267 annually
  • Dual = $511 annually (for parent/child or husband/wife) only
  • Family (3 members) = $734 annually
  • Family (4 members) = 934 annually + $115 each additional member

Benefits highlights include:

  • Comprehensive exam (new patient) – 100% discount
  • Periodic exam – 2 per year – 100% discount
  • Annual X-rays (periapical) – 100% discount
  • Dental cleaning – 2 per year -100% discount
  • Dental procedures – discounts between 15% and 20% depending on the procedure
  • Whitening for life – $99
  • Clear Correct braces – $500 discount

For a complete list of benefits, see our brochure online.

Dental Healthcare Discount Plan
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Call our front desk for more information or for an application at (651) 451-1277.