Fight Kid’s Cavity Fright This Halloween

Tricky Treats to Avoid and Good Oral Health Habits to Prevent Plaque As the Halloween candy is being devoured, sugar and dental plaque can linger in the crevices in and between your child's teeth and cause cavities. Monitoring your child's sugar intake and ensuring regular brushing habits to remove plaque will help prevent tooth decay [...]

Add Some Healthy Treats to Your Kid’s Halloween Bags

Hauntingly Healthy Snacks On Halloween, candy reigns supreme — but it's far from the only treat you can serve up to Halloween trick-or-treaters. Cut down on the empty calories and sugar by giving out sensible snacks, like candy's close cousin, sugarless chewing gum. It's a natural cavity fighter because chewing stimulates saliva, which fights tooth decay. [...]

Solutions to the Top 12 Tooth Problems

From Toothaches to Too Many Teeth - A List of Common Dental Issues Encountered The dentists at Dental South can help you with the 12 oral health problems on this list. Make an appointment that will help your smile. Toothache You've made a dentist appointment, and it can't come soon enough. Meanwhile, it can help [...]

Are You And Your Toothpaste Compatible? Find Out!

Brushing your teeth is a no-brainer, but did you know that the type of toothpaste you use could have a big impact on your smile? Whether your teeth are extra sensitive, need added protection, or could simply use a boost in the looks department, chances are there's a toothpaste out there that fits the bill. [...]

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