You Can Love Dark Chocolate and Your Teeth During the Holidays

Research Reveals Cocoa Extract is More Effective than Fluoride in Fighting Cavities Chocolate is a fun gift for holidays. While candy generally doesn’t mix well with keeping teeth healthy, dark chocolate (the kind with at least 70% cocoa) can actually be a cavity fighter. That’s obviously fantastic news for chocolate lovers. Recent studies emerging from Japan, England, [...]

Bad Breath Remedy Plan for Holiday Parties

Bad Breath Can Be Uncomfortable for You and Those Around You There's so much to worry about at Christmas, from the presents to what you should wear to event - but we often forget about our breath. Bad breath can not only be embarrassing but it can also be a sign of something more serious [...]

Our Dental Health Care Discount Plan Provides Affordability and Quality

Our Dental Health Care Discount Plan was developed at Dental South to provide our patients with affordability and greater access to quality dental care. This discount plan fits into our mission of bringing the highest quality dental care to as many people as possible. Our entire care team is dedicated to providing you with results [...]

Don’t Leave Oral Health Behind During Holiday Travel

10 Tips to Keep a Healthy Mouth on Holiday Trips We don’t have to tell you: the winter holidays mark one of the busiest seasons of the year. With shopping, parties and vacations jam-packed on the calendar, it’s no wonder that many people take shortcuts when it comes to oral health maintenance during this time. [...]

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