What To Do in a Dental Emergency

If you’ve ever had a tooth knocked loose or knocked out you know what a terrifying and helpless feeling it can be. Will you permanently lose the tooth? Can it be fixed? Will you have to have oral surgery? Those are all questions that will probably be bouncing around in your head. But instead of [...]

Tips to Protect Your Smile As You Grow Older

It’s amazing how tough our teeth are considering how much we use them on a daily basis. Combine that long-term use with the natural process of aging and it’s a wonder that we have any teeth left by the time we get into our 50’s. If you’re curious about what happens to your teeth as [...]

Does Your Child Still Suck Their Thumb or Fingers?

Sucking their thumb, fingers or a pacifier is a natural reflex for most children. It helps them fall asleep, calm down, or to just feel good. When they are babies, it is considered harmless in terms of a child's growth and speech development. But how long should it go on? Should a child still be [...]

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