Dealing with Tooth Discoloration

If you’re pearly whites aren’t so bright anymore, the discoloration of your teeth can be linked to an array of reasons. The three primary reasons that your teeth can become discolored are staining, childhood problems, or aging issues. Here are the details of each reason for tooth discoloration: Extrinsic Discoloration — Your teeth’s outer enamel become [...]

Six Foods to Pump Up Your Oral Health

    Many people don’t realize that certain foods and drinks can enhance your oral health. From chocolate to cheese, this set of super foods help strengthen your gums and teeth, battle bacteria in your mouth, and wash away or scrub away sugars that cause cavities. Consume these six foods and drinks and you’ll have [...]

Have You Considered Making Your Own Mouthwash?

If you regularly use mouthwash that you’ve purchased at the store, then you know it isn’t cheap. But did you also know that store-bought mouthwash often includes alcohol and is loaded with a blend of chemicals whose names you can’t pronounce. So why not make your own mouthwash at home? Here are five easy recipes [...]

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