Healthy Resolutions for a Brighter Smile in 2019

Are New Year’s resolutionsa waste of time or a great idea? Well, if you’re one of the eight percent of people who actually follow through annually on their New Year’s resolutions, then it’s a great idea. For the rest of you…well, maybe not so much. But part of the problem with New Year’s resolutions failing [...]

Hints to Fresh Breath for Holiday Parties

The holiday season is stressful enough without having to worry about bad breath at the inevitable holiday parties and family get-togethers that feature rich foods and seasonal beverages. But you can reduce the odds of being burdened with holiday halitosis by following these tips. Brush Your Teeth – And Your Tongue For most people, it’s [...]

9 Stocking Stuffers To Brighten Smiles This Christmas

Candy canes and chocolate are usual “go-to” items for stuffing Christmas stockings. This year, why not add some mouth-friendly items that will enhance your child or partner’s oral health and help brighten their smile? We have nine ideas for you this Christmas that are sure to light up the faces of the recipients. Chewing Gum [...]

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