11 Tips to a Happy and Healthy Mouth in 2018

If you’re a fan of making New Year’s resolutions – and sticking to them – then we have 11 helpful tips for keeping your smile bright and your mouth happy in 2018. Even if you aren’t a fan of New Year’s resolutions, our list is still a great place to start on the road to [...]

5 Tips to a Brighter Smile During the Holiday Season

The holidays are usually jam-packed with activities and sweet treats. You often skip your regular oral health care habits because of hectic days and event-filled nights. With that in mind, we have five tips to help your smile cope with the holidays.   Embrace Sweet Treats In Moderation Candy and sweets are everywhere during the [...]

10 Great Stocking Stuffers for a Happy Smile

  Skip (or at least go easy) on the candy and the chocolate this year when you’re filling the holiday stockings for your loved ones. Instead of a stocking full of sugar, why not add some of these healthy – and sometimes funny – oral health stocking stuffers that are sure to bring a smile [...]

What’s Involved in Becoming a Dentist?

One of our patients recently asked us what it takes to become a dentist. We gave them a quick answer – classroom education, real-world internships, rigorous testing and a desire to help others – but thought we might provide a more complete overview in our blog. So here is what it takes to become a [...]

8 Mouthwashes You Can Make at Home

Do you know what’s in that mouthwash you just gargled with that you purchased at the store? Often it will include alcohol, along with a blend of chemicals that you’ve never heard of and aren’t sure how they impact your health. If you want to avoid those chemicals, an alternative that is better for your [...]

Top Tips to Choosing the Best Toothbrush for Your Smile

How do you decide what is the best toothbrush for your oral health needs? Do you go with a favorite color? Maybe the type of bristles – soft or hard? How the toothbrush feels in your hand when you are brushing?  Or the cost? All of those are important (even the color of your toothbrush) [...]

9 Tips to a Teeth-Friendly Halloween

Halloween is less than a week away, and children are looking forward to trick-or-treating for bags of candy that they can munch on for many months this winter. All that sugar doesn’t have to equal a mouth full of cavities and a visit to the dentist in 2018. Have your children follow these 9 simple [...]

All Crowns Are Not Created Equal

You’ve probably heard about dental crowns. But do you know what oral health problems necessitate a crown and what types of materials you have to choose from when the crown is made? You will probably need a dental crown in the following situations: The damage to your tooth is so severe that it can’t be fixed [...]

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