The holidays are usually jam-packed with activities and sweet treats. You often skip your regular oral health care habits because of hectic days and event-filled nights. With that in mind, we have five tips to help your smile cope with the holidays.


Embrace Sweet Treats In Moderation

Candy and sweets are everywhere during the holidays. It’s hard to avoid all those candy canes, fudge, popcorn balls and oh-so-tasty cookies. But instead of avoiding them completely (and who wants to do that?) eat a single serving when temptation strikes AND brush your teeth immediately afterward. You’ll avoid bathing your teeth for long periods of time with sugar with a single sweet treat and by brushing. Remember, bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and that combination equals cavities.


Stick With Your Routine

You’re bound to have a tough time following your daily oral hygiene routine during the holidays, but if you prepare, your chances of success will multiply. You’ll need to be flexible if you want to stick with your two-times-a-day brushing routine – so stash a toothbrush and mini tube of toothpaste in your purse or briefcase and make time to “freshen up” after meals, wherever you are. If using your toothbrush won’t work, chew sugarless gum. It increases saliva in your mouth and helps wash out food debris – especially sugars.


Create A Playlist of Songs for Brushing

Put together a playlist of some of your favorite holiday tunes – or just your favorite tunes. Pick shorter songs to play while you brush – two minutes each – and if you want to pick longer songs, add flossing to extend your oral health care routine.


Whiten Your Teeth with the Right Lipstick

If you want your 2017 holiday photos to capture a whiter smile, apply a bit of red or a pink lipstick with a blue undertone. Your teeth will look brighter and whiter instantly because of the way your eyes see these colors.


Happy Teeth for Houseguests

If you have houseguests during the holidays, nothing says “welcome” more than a personalized gift basket on your guest’s nightstand. Add fun items like cozy socks and their favorite snacks. You can also stock them up on travel-size toiletries they might have left behind — including a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss.

SOURCE: American Dental Association