Turbocharge Your Teeth Cleaning

Hi-tech Toothbrushes and Gadgets to Get your Smile Glimmering In our electronic info-world, engineers have added features to existing toothbrushes and created new models. Today, Bluetooth as well as GPS have been added to many toothbrushes. They connect to a smartphone or tablet and guide you through an efficient, full-mouth cleaning. These toothbrushes have downloadable [...]

Outrageous Dental Facts

Weird But True Things About the Mouth Teeth! We see them every day. We use them every day. Even so, they never cease to amaze us. We bet you’ll be amazed, too, when you read some of these incredible facts about your pearly whites. Grab the brush (and the floss too) and join us as [...]

Non-Invasive Ways to Correct Your Bite

In dental jargon, a bad bite is called a malocclusion and might not even be noticeable to you. So why bother seeking dental care? Well-aligned teeth are easier to keep clean, which means less risk of needing gum disease treatment later. Non-surgical bite correction also eliminates strain on your teeth, jaws and muscles, which lessens the risk [...]

What Do Bones, Ox Hooves and Burnt Eggshells Have in Common? Toothpaste!

Have you ever wondered what people in ancient civilizations used for toothpaste? It certainly wasn’t the convenient tube of good-tasting fluoridated gel that we now put on our toothbrushes. Ancient toothpastes were used to treat some of the same concerns that we have today – keeping teeth and gums clean, whitening teeth and freshening breath. [...]

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