Dental Emergency? Helpful Tips to Manage the Situation

If you have a tooth knocked loose – or even knocked out – do you know what to do to deal with the emergency before you can get in to see a dentist? Here are some helpful tips that could make a difference in whether or not you save – or lose - your tooth. [...]

6 Reasons Why Dental South Patients Are So Happy

If you’re looking for a dentist in the South St. Paul area who blends the latest technology with a gentle touch in a warm, caring and compassionate atmosphere, then Dental South is just the place for you. Here’s 6 reasons why our patients love going to Dental South (and actual patient reviews about each reason): [...]

All About Cavities – Prevention & Treatment

Inside your mouth are millions of bacteria. Many of them are healthy and good for your overall oral wellness. Yet others build up into a sticky film that coats your teeth and is called plaque. Plaque is the destructive force that creates cavities. The Making of a Cavity When we eat and drink the bacteria [...]

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