What’s Involved in Becoming a Dentist?

One of our patients recently asked us what it takes to become a dentist. We gave them a quick answer – classroom education, real-world internships, rigorous testing and a desire to help others – but thought we might provide a more complete overview in our blog. So here is what it takes to become a [...]

8 Mouthwashes You Can Make at Home

Do you know what’s in that mouthwash you just gargled with that you purchased at the store? Often it will include alcohol, along with a blend of chemicals that you’ve never heard of and aren’t sure how they impact your health. If you want to avoid those chemicals, an alternative that is better for your [...]

Top Tips to Choosing the Best Toothbrush for Your Smile

How do you decide what is the best toothbrush for your oral health needs? Do you go with a favorite color? Maybe the type of bristles – soft or hard? How the toothbrush feels in your hand when you are brushing?  Or the cost? All of those are important (even the color of your toothbrush) [...]

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