5 Natural Mouthwashes You Can Make at Home

Do you know what's in that mouthwash you just gargled with that you purchased at the store? Often it will include alcohol, along with a blend of chemicals that you've never heard of and aren't sure how they impact your health. If you want to avoid those chemicals, an alternative that is better for your [...]

Tips to A Fresher Morning Breath

Do you often wake up with breath that can clear a room? If you’re tired of bad breath in the morning - technically known as “halitosis” - we have six tips that can help you nip the problem in the (taste) buds! Reduce the caffeine. Caffeine inhibits the production of saliva, and saliva is the [...]

How Helpful Is Mouthwash to Your Oral Health?

If you walk by the oral health care aisle in any major store, you’ll see rows of toothpaste and toothbrushes – plus an overwhelming array of mouthwashes. You have most likely heard about the important of using that toothpaste and toothbrushto brush daily, but do those bottles of mouthwash really have a positive impact on [...]

Have You Considered Making Your Own Mouthwash?

If you regularly use mouthwash that you’ve purchased at the store, then you know it isn’t cheap. But did you also know that store-bought mouthwash often includes alcohol and is loaded with a blend of chemicals whose names you can’t pronounce. So why not make your own mouthwash at home? Here are five easy recipes [...]

5 Ways to Fresher Breath in the Morning

Love waking up to the smell of coffee? Think twice before you reach for a cup! Your daily dose of Joe — and other habits that can easily escape your notice — could be giving you a bad case of morning breath. But fear not! Bad breath, or "halitosis", doesn't have to ruin your day. [...]

Beating Bad Breath

Are You Among the More Than 80 Million People Who Suffer? Bad breath (also known as halitosis or malodor) can be embarrassing and tough on those around you. Some people don't realize their breath could peel paint because others are afraid to tell them. You don’t have to distance the people around you with smelly [...]

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